Coated Films
Coated films are the offline process of coating the aqueous/solvent based chemicals enhancing specific properties in the film. The common coated films enhances the barrier, runability, heat sealing range, and it’s used in some specific applications like overwraps, special printing applications, cheese packaging, etc. This can be achieved by different coatings like PVDC, acrylics, and many other coatings.
Chiripal Poly Films is under the process of erection of the new state of art new coating facility of German Technology, expected by December 2016. The company plans to produce PVDC coated films, BOPP and BOPET coated films, acrylic coated BOPP, low temperature seal BOPP, and many more.
The detailed list of products is still to be incorporated; we request you get in touch so we can take up that at the developmental stage.
Chiripal Poly Films ltd makes food grade BOPP and BOPET films in accordance with EC and FDA regulations. Specific document and material safety data sheet for the film grades are available on request.
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