PET Resin
Chiripal Poly Films integrated backwards by entering PET Resin manufacturing, which will ensure consistent supply of raw material to BOPET film plants. This plant will also cater other segments- textiles and PET bottles.
The polyester resin plant will adopt direct esterification and continuous poly-condensation technology to produce textiles, bottle grade and film grade polyester products. The plant will have production capacity of 550 MT/day and maximum capacity of 600 MT/day. Additionally, the plant will also feature continuous SSP (Solid State Polymerization), with 150 MT/day capacity to produce PET bottle grade chips.
  • Film grade polyester resin
    Film bright | Film silica
  • Bottle grade resin
    Textile Semi Dull | Super Bright | Full Dull | Homo Bright | Textile Catonic Semi Dull | Textile Catonic Bright
  • Textile grade polyester resin
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