Manufacturing facility
BOPP Capacity
  • 3 Layers x 8.7 m BOPP line
  • 5 Layers x 8.7 m BOPP line
  • 2 x 2,850 mm Hi-Res model Metallizer with plasma unit
  • 2x 8.7 m fully automatic slitter
BOPP line production capacity
: 78,000 TPA (39,000 TPA each line)
Thickness range
: 8 – 60 micron
Slit width
: 400 mm – 3000 mm
Metalliser capacity
: 20,000 TPA (10,000 TPA each metallizer)
BOPET Capacity
  • 8.7 m BOPET line (ABA)
  • One side in-line coating facility
  • 8.7 m fully automatic slitter
  • 2,850 mm Hi-Res Metallizer with plasma unit
BOPET line production capacity
: 38,000 TPA
Thickness range
: 8 – 75 micron
Slit width
: 400 mm – 3000 mm
Metalliser capacity
: 10000 TPA
Quality Assurance
Chiripal Poly Films endeavors to develop and manufacture products of highest quality and provide the best services not only to serve but to exceed customers’ expectations. The company does a three level check for all the material produced to ensure good performance of the material on customers’ machine. Chiripal Poly Films is equipped with state of the art laboratories in both BOPP and BOPET plants; this includes detailed raw material testing, films testing, and barrier (OTR & WVTR) testing equipment.
Aligned to our commitment of providing new films to the customers, Chiripal Poly Films believes in R&D aimed to add profitable value to customer’s requirements. We are always engaged in continuous development and innovation. The company is aggressively looking for new advances and is keen to involve customers in their steps to alternate flexible packaging requirements.
Our technical staff is always available to provide solutions and assistance to the queries of the customers regarding requirements of the new films.
Sustainability & CSR
Environment protection and green technology
As a plastic manufacturer, Chiripal Poly Films is committed to undertake several initiatives for the environment conservation during the plant operations and the composition of its products.
Some of the materials used internally are recycled, whereas hazardous waste is not generated. In the same way, Chiripal Poly Films is on the verge of developing films which are Oxo-Bio degradable for BOPET and BOPP films, which will finally decompose into biomass in a shorter period contrary to normal plastic films which takes more years to decompose.
BOPP films are eco-friendly products, non-toxic and inert; it does not react with most of the chemicals. Due to its thermoplastic property, it can be recycled for other various applications as well. BOPP & BOPET films as such or after conversion, are light in weight and can be substituted in can aluminum foil bottles for example. Thus, the amount of packing material per kg used in food packaging and other applications is less.
Our product is FDA & EC approved for direct contact with food. A third party audit this approval to ensure the material we produce is healthy and safe for the end user. Moreover, the product manufactured has very high barrier properties which enhances the shelf life of packed products and reduces its spoilage and decomposition.
All these above factors not only contribute to health & safety but directly or indirectly help in reduction of resource utilized.
Community approach
In its aim to contribute to the society and the betterment of the community, Chiripal Poly Films joins Chiripal Group on Chiripal Charitable Trust; an initiative to promote education, health, and social development.
Blood donation Camps
Every year, we organize a voluntary blood donation event with the support of Prathama Blood Centre, the Red Cross, and all the Group’s companies. We have been able to collect more than 1,200 blood tubes through voluntary donation and active participation of our staff. This is the great opportunity for everyone to demonstrate one's dedication and commitment to the society.
Community Training
In association with Shanti Foundation, technical training institute part of Chiripal Group, 317 candidates received free training on sewing machine operation and weaving operation guarantying employment opportunities in our organization Chiripal Group.
Sports Sponsorship
Chiripal Poly Films supported Indian athletes who participated in the 2016 Commonwealth Championship in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It resulted successfully by receiving gold medals for India.
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